Diaries of a cancer survivor…

I can sometimes get really offended when I go to see my specialist as he checks my neck after having had thyroid cancer a couple of times. Lately he always seems to state in his notes;

“Jacqueline’s neck presentation is unremarkable!”.

Unremarkable!!?, the way I present my neck is spectacular 😂 – #jokesonlycancerpatientswillprobablyget. #notblondejustbeingsilly #justjokes #seriouslygladthereisnothingtoremarkon #survivorship #followup #laughterinthemadness

2 thoughts on “Diaries of a cancer survivor…

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    1. Aww thank you Tony, managed to get through my 4th time with it and knock on wood it stays as my last now. Battle fatigue a lot still though post treatment. Studying honours in psychology currently and working on a project that involves looking at cancer survivors return to work and what may aid the transition.

      Yes cancer definitely sucks!! Thanks for the check in and likes ☺️ really appreciate it 💜


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