Heart strings

We don’t know where we’re going, just like stardust we’re still floating in the air.

But my heart it’s still beating has the resin on my heart strings from you there. It’s so unfair.

Was only such a short time, full of ups and downs like waves across the sea, but boy weren’t the highs higher than any mountain I’ve ever seen.

I hope some day we look back on our times & laugh at just how silly that we were. To almost put this spark out, with our head strong ways and darling if you please…

Can i introduce myself now to the man that I was too scared to really see.

Eye talk

We had a whole conversation with our eyes. Maybe one day our lips would too. I want to know all of you & what every little glint meant in that moment. Like a fire works display they came alive as did my heart. The warmth from our souls shone through and for once, I felt safe, at peace. I was home.

My days

I am a Trojan horse, a bruised petal. Lucky, unlucky. Helpless, empowered. I feel the poison tingle in my veins.

I’m as light as a feather, but as heavy as the mountain I tread upon. My days so long, as my life seems so short. Too tired to have shame, yet when I have the strength I blush.

Surprised by my own see-saw of emotion. I keep on keeping on. My spirit almost seems brighter from this dark place I reside. In the shadows a light can grow, from a seed, a spirit rendered clean and pure of intention and revolt.

A closed book

And then I realised, it was me who was unwilling to open up. I hadn’t been myself. No wonder my sense of self was being questioned by him. My sense of purpose. I hadn’t let anyone know who I am. But little did he know, I was everything and more. Not less. I was just waiting for him to meet me there with some gentleness. I held space

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