When love finds it hard to grow…

Sleepless nights trying to digest the lies you’ve given. My heart beats faster wondering what to reply, to be upfront or to let it slide yet again.

The hurt you cause is greater than any hurt to just myself. I see you hurt yourself over and over as you lose faith in all, knowing that even you lie to those who love you. I don’t even care so much about what I know you’re actually doing, but I care that you think so little of me that you think lying is the only way.

I’m not a pushy person like I know you think I am but if you lie to me you drive me deeper into my head where I overanalyse, I critique, I judge, because it’s the only thing keeping me sane & having some sense of self respect in that moment. Perhaps it’s just time for me to finally walk away. Saying that almost seems comical to me after running this marathon now for a few years too many. I feel like a failure that couldn’t crack the egg. Yet I know I can’t be that hard on myself, after all you padlocked it with an ever changing code & a web of lies. It’s your doing not mine. How was I ever going to get close enough. You even created a moat around that broken heart of yours.

All I ever wanted from you was for you to be real, some honesty & to share in some fun moments. All I feel has happened has been me tip toeing around trying not to say the wrong thing, which in turn has made me seem nothing like myself. No wonder it is the way it is, no wonder it hasn’t happened.

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