I believe this is what they call growth…


I’m nervous to post this as it’s a bit of a mind blurt from when I woke up this morning but here goes…some creative writing from me……..
“Maybe hell is disguised as a paradise with all the things that you could ever ask for. Then slowly but surely and painfully all those things get taken from you one by one until you are standing there left bare with only yourself that must help you to rise again into whatever the reality of what a true Utopia would look like. Soul bare and heart open we must climb back up to find our own inner peace of mind again, climbing away from the downward spiraling heartache and awful gut feelings we didn’t listen to as we reached for something that was perhaps not meant for us or that we ignored when we should have taken note.

We live with such masks on these days I think it’s so hard to tell fact from fiction. That we begin even fooling ourselves. A simple life can bring us down but in reality up; to view all the things we missed but we must walk through some of the painful honest truths of that climb down first. Like an Escher staircase it’s hard to know what is up and what is down. We are magical creatures that don’t even understand just how magical we truly are without all the bells and whistles. Just us, naked, stripped of robes, glistening in all our glory as we become real with ourselves, we shall find peace again on earth. Nothing we buy, sell, or do to serve our ego can ever fill us to the point of contentment. The modern world has vibrationally slowed that I can sometimes almost hear her screeching and moaning to a premature halt.

I’m not religious, I was never brought up that way, but ponder whether perhaps the many words and scripts are metaphors for what we go through as people. So that only things are revealed to those that are ready and willing when the timing is right. Or the specific lesson that is needed comes forward in an obvious fashion so we can better grasp it with our own free will & decisiveness.
I hope I find my feet again once more.

I believe this is what they call growth.” – Jacqueline Freestone xx

Lots of love

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