Dear Cancer…

“Dear Cancer, You’re a selfish needy jerk. I already told you it’s over on 4 separate occasions so please can you seriously just bugger off, nobody likes you anyway. It’s been 24 years I think now since we first met, and I’ve got to say you’ve been a jerk since day one. You took my father from me, you made me ill and scared for my life, you made me lose my hair and made me lose weight until I was the weight of a small child. You even started taking my body parts. You’ve ruined relationships that I could have been successful in if it weren’t for you. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything with you in my life. My friends hate you, I hate you, my cat even hates you. Shrivel up now and disappear for good. I can’t keep having to go to all this effort to get you out of my life every few years. I’m already scarred enough as it is. You’re not welcome back!!! Unaffectionately yours, your(trying to be) ex girlfriend, Jacqueline :b hah”

This is a little exert I posted on “I had” 
A site that is helping provide support and awareness for the young adult demographic who have gone or are going through cancer and for those caring for someone affected by this seriously shitty illness.

I figured cancer ends up being like a bit of a toxic relationship that you can’t get out of so why not talk about it as such. One thing I probably should add though is although my soon to be Ex has caused me so much drama, pain and disarray in my life, he has also taught me to be even more kind, even more empathetic and understanding.
I’m probably there more than I need to be for people sometimes and give far too many chances, but I understand the concept of finality and having your last moments with someone. I understand people make mistakes and half the time have no idea what they’re really even doing & most of us a scared sh#tless. I know that sometimes we don’t get to have a second chance with someone no matter how much we wish for it. Cancer can take and take until one day there is nothing left, and so is true for normal life’s struggles. I feel more comfortable giving more of myself each day to others than I do giving less to protect myself and one day discover that that moment I chose not to give back just happened to be my last day to every be with that person again. Life is so fleeting, we really don’t have time for such hatred and selfishness in our lives. Give love no matter what and watch the world change. Giving love can never truly end in disappointment if it’s genuine.
I’ve had to learn this all the hard way, through cancers aftermath and losing a dear friend to suicide. Just know we’re all way more vulnerable than people let on. The tough guy mentality is sometimes just a shield to protect him from his pain. Give love always x

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