There may never be…

There may never be another day my eyes land upon your face. Or to kiss your skin so sweetly as we lay there holding space.

There may never be another day where I whisper in your ear. And Set off all those tingles down your spine and this is clear.

There may never be another day when all the stars align, and time may hold me back from you now ever being mine.

There may never be another day where I’m still holding on, waiting for our past to fade so we can get along.

There may never be another day where you’re not holding back, withholding all the love that’s there somehow guided off the track.

But if there is I’ll wait, a million years or maybe more. Patiently awaiting, I’ll be there at your door.

But don’t make me wait much longer, don’t drain my soul of youth. For all that I can offer now is my heart my guiding truth.

And though my bones my wither, my skins youth may disappear. I’ll always have this love for you, that much I know is clear.

By Jacqueline Freestone (JaxTrax)

A place to hide

Escape before your heart’s alight

That’s what they said to me.

But what’s the point in living on

If love’s nowhere to be seen

Open up and pull me in

I want a space to hide

Away from all our struggles

Away from all these lies

You look right through, but don’t connect It’s like we’re playing games

You move in me. We make amends but

Now I’m cast to sea

Can’t help just what I’m feeling.

Can’t save you from the past.

But today’s the day I walk away

I hope this thing called love will last

Crimson tide

Crimson stained tide, sailing the sheets you laid. Entangled bodies, glistening in empty desire. Breath quickens and hearts pound, flooding the satin as she blossoms. Lies uttered to keep the embrace & now the aftermath; mind circling wondering what the point to any of it was as she lay quivering. Why awaken something in a woman with lies? Lies of love, future and promise. Such a juvenile game to play. Games meh, for children. Wasting months on the clock, evaporating precious time in double time. Become a man & speak your truth or you will forever feel as inadequate as you obviously have become. Why attempt such things? Such a low brow way of clutching at a self. Your character a fraud even to yourself. What a sad little way to waste a life & a moment. Gone forever. Never existed & never was.

Ocean tides

You are the moon. I’m at the whim of your too and fro. My heart strings dance as you tug them this way then that. I rise and fall gently at first, but the oceans in me have become more turbulent now with each ambivalent step you take.

I can no longer see the shoreline. I am at sea lost and riding the waves. The darkness has fallen around me so I can no longer see it coming, as the waves crash down on top of me. I’m drowning in this ocean tide. A rip taking me so far away from myself that I’m not sure I even have the strength to return. My arms and heart heavy now, trembling with exhaustion.

I’m looking for a life buoy to keep me afloat. But I know it’s only me who can save me now. I pluck up the courage to keep pulling my way through, each laboured stroke one moment closer to shore, but then each wave crashes and takes me miles more out to sea. Maybe now I just have to give in and let go, ride the rip tide to another shore, find myself on islands untouched so I can put my feet firmly back on solid ground. I need the sun to guide my way as the moons pull is still too strong.

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